you may have developed your own (electronic) musical style up to this point, but why stop there? shouldn’t your hardware speaks the same individual style as your music? so perhaps it is time to embark on the next step and take things a little more professionally by having your own custom DJ console, which you can start by acquiring the umidi Custom DJ Controller. billed as the world’s first custom DJ controller, the umidi is what it says it is: a DJ controller design by you. all you have to do is to unleash your musical-mix-creative flair using a web-based design interface, and start dragging-and-dropping from a palette of components, including knobs, faders, encoders, jog wheels, and aluminum push buttons, onto a blank 6×6 ‘DJ Console’ canvas.

further customization include a choice of nine colors for each of the components (buttons, jog wheels, knobs and more), custom lighting shapes and colors, and even have your custom image laser etched onto the controller so that you can truly call it your own. to be honest, we are pretty mind-boggled by the number of customization the umidi has to offer. at the core of the umidi are 288 RGB LEDs that you can customized in however you want. use the millions of colors available to pump up the DJ-ing mood, pulse to the beat of the music, visualize mixing, button effects and more – all though a simple umidi editor. the hardware enclosure is CNC machined from a solid block of high-grade aluminum, beaded blasted and anodized for durability and beautiful aesthetic. all in, this DJ gear weighs in at less than 3 pounds and has a thickness of mere 1-inch thin, making it easy to bring along wherever your gigs might be.

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the umidi Custom DJ Controller is a recently launched Kickstarter project hoping to drum up enough support, 20 grand of it, to rollout the product. you can back this project by dropping 920 Australia dollar (or about US$845) for the early adopter specially or AU$975 after the limited early bird special runs out. however, as always, the order will only be fulfilled if the project meets the set minimum funding goal. you can learn more about this awesome DJ gear in the embedded video after the image gallery below.

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