a fitness (or activity) tracker knows when you are moving or even how vigorous a particular activity was but they can’t really differentiate between the different exercises that you have done or are doing. this where a high-tech fitness tracking device such as the Amiigo stands out from the growing activity tracker market. the Amiigo consists of two parts: the hardware that includes a sweat-proof fitness wristband and a shoe-clip, and the software. combining these two parts with the magic of sensors, circuitry and algorithms, it is able to identify more than 100 different exercises and movements. in another word, Amiigo will know whether you are running, on a treadmill, swimming or whatever. it is that clever. apart from tracking motions, this fitness bracelet also collects physiological data such as heart rate, blood-oxygen level, as well as skin temperature and correlates that data with the activity so you will know exactly how is your body responding to that particular exercise.

so what happens after it knows what you are doing? well, like every other fitness tracker out there, the sensors log the workout data like how many reps and so on, on the hardware and sends it off to the Amiigo iOS or Android app via Bluetooth where the numbers are crunched and presented to you as a set of simple to decipher workout info, which you can compare against previous workouts or share them with friends via Facebook or Amiigo’s own social platform. besides the promised of an advanced fitness tracker, the Amiigo’s thermoplastic and stainless construction also shines as one fitness wristband that doesn’t look boring. the Amiigo is currently on crowdfunding platform, INDIEGOGO, to seek your support to make the Amiigo a reality and with a pledge of $99 or more, you will secure yourself one Amiigo fitness band and access to the companion fitness app. btw, they have well surpass their initial funding goal and so, you know you will be getting your Amiigo if you made the pledge. check out the pledge video below to learn more.

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