Nike+ FuelBand Ice

Nike+ FuelBand Ice
Nike+ FuelBand Ice | US$149.00 |

remember the Nike+ FuelBand? the sleek computer-on-your-wrist that tracks almost every aspect of your exercise routines like calories, steps, time and NikeFuel? it has a new sibling, dubbed the Nike+ FuelBand Ice. well, it is actually technically the same as the original and the “Ice” there simply means that this is the translucent model. if you are a geeky type of sports person (is it even possible? anyway…), then you be glad that the clear enclosure lets you take peek at the glorious inner workings of the FuelBand – if that makes any sense at all. whether its for the inner geek in you or just pure fashion sense, it is still a nice touch to have it in a (almost) clear encasement. anyway, the Ice will have a limited production run (though no numbers were given) and will be available from July 27th at select retailers, including Selfridges, NikeTown New York, NikeTown San Francisco, NikeTown London, and on the August 12th via to mark the end of the Olympic Games. strange. why the end and not the opening? anyway, that just me thinking out loud. still…

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