Batman’s Utility Belt Is Cool, But KILLSPENCER Utility Belt Is Cool & Real

Utility belt is not exclusive to Batman. Construction workers use utility belts too, though granted, the cape crusader’s variety is a lot cooler… that is until KILLSPENCER Utility Belt came along and Batman isn’t real. You are real, though, and that kind of makes KILLSPENCER real-life version utility belt super cool. Sorry Batman. Truth does …

This Seemingly Nondescript Belt Is Like The Real-life Batman Utility Belt

Sometimes I can’t help but to think Batman’s utility belt is bullshit. Don’t get me wrong. I am a fan of the cape crusader, but it is hard for me to reconcile with the fact that those tiny pouches can have any real world use. Well, I guess I was wrong because there’s a real …

Batman Utility Belt Prop Replica

no self-respecting Batman fans would go without a Batman Utility Belt Prop Replica (note: it says ‘Batman’, so not to be confused with Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight). unlike the sold out JLA’s rendition, this appears to be wearable, or at least there isn’t any text that says you shouldn’t.

Chrome Chekhov Utility Belt

Batman, in his frictional fantasy world, has his trusty, contain-all utility belt, but in a real life, everyday folks like us do not have such a luxury. the least we could have, and we dare say the closest thing we can get to that magical contraption, is probably the Chrome Chekhov Utility Belt. granted that it looks nothing like what the Cape Crusader has