Batman, in his frictional fantasy world, has his trusty, contain-all utility belt, but in a real life, everyday folks like us do not have such a luxury. the least we could have, and we dare say the closest thing we can get to that magical contraption, is probably the Chrome Chekhov Utility Belt. granted that it looks nothing like what the Cape Crusader has, but still it is an utility belt nonetheless. drawing its inspiration from the WWII utility belts, Chrome Industries set out to create a small bag that could take all your small essentials while being 100 percent waterproof. in case you do have both wet and dry cargos, it has a dual waterproof zippered compartments to keep them separated. quick access is the name of the game, and thus, an external pocket suitable for your phone ensures you have swift access to your handset even while you are pedaling away.

we are most certainly impressed by the use of the seatbelt buckle-like quick release buckle which comes with a handy integrated bottle opener for popping some cold ones when the situation calls for. construction-wise, expect nothing less than the weatherproof 1000 denier Cordura outer, along with welded-waterproof 600 denier military-grade truck tarpaulin on the inside. designed to be worn around your waist (hence, the namesake, utility belt) or across your body like any biker would love to do, the Chekhov Utility Belt is definitely an excellent alternative to cumbersome messenger bags. we only wish it did come in digital camouflage pattern other than black. though black is still cool, but we were just saying… the Chrome Chekhov Utility Belt can be yours now for just $110 each. awesome product images follow after the break.

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