Utility belt is not exclusive to Batman. Construction workers use utility belts too, though granted, the cape crusader’s variety is a lot cooler… that is until KILLSPENCER Utility Belt came along and Batman isn’t real. You are real, though, and that kind of makes KILLSPENCER real-life version utility belt super cool. Sorry Batman. Truth does hurt. Since this Utility Belt is made for real person, it obviously lacks the ability to stow Batarang, miniature smoke grenade, and it surely can’t pull you up hundreds of feet up onto a building; instead it features an advanced patent pending locking system that promised to add a level of security and functionality to your travels.

The locking system is actually quite inconspicuous. It is actually military-spec Pull-the-Dot locking button snap and it has four of them spread across the length of the bullhide leather belt. What makes these button snaps unique is, it is directional. Meaning, once secured to it, it can only be released when pulled from a specific direction. Like I say, it won’t pull you out of a bad situation, but it will certainly prevent bad situations (like loosing your iPhone or wallet or keys) from happening because it is heavy duty enough to counter extreme pressure and therefore anything that’s hooked up to one of it will not be fished away from you, no matter how hard the criminal tries.

Since it has four of those super strong locking system, you’d be looking like a real-life superhero if you utilized all of them. Speaking of which, you can use them to lock your keys, iPhone (using the KILLSPENCER Precision Pocket Card Carrier 3.0 case) as well as wallet. KILLSPENCER Utility Belt costs $155 a pop and it is available on KILLSPENCER as we speak.

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KILLSPENCER Utility Belt Keeps Your EDC Safe

KILLSPENCER Utility Belt Keeps Your EDC Safe

KILLSPENCER Utility Belt Keeps Your EDC Safe

KILLSPENCER Utility Belt Keeps Your EDC Safe

KILLSPENCER Utility Belt Keeps Your EDC Safe

Images courtesy of KILLSPENCER.

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  1. I’ve been doing the Same Thing since 1985, and “For a Hell of a Lot Less” that $155.00 USD. Less than $20.00 USD in fact…

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