Floaty Bird Floating Captured On Camera by GingerBeard

Remember the helicopter that appeared to be floating into the sky when the frame rate of the camera syncs with the rotor’s revolution per minute? Impressive and weird, right? Well, as it turns out that’s not the only one that demonstrate this weirdly beautiful phenomena. Here’s another one, but this time, it didn’t involved a chunk of flying metal. Instead it was a bird. So this was what happen: YouTuber by the handle of GingerBeard posted a video of a bird that happen to flew past his security camera. Like the floaty helicopter, the camera’s capture frame rate happens to match the flap speed of the loitering bird and the result was a mind-bending optical illusion.

The bird that appears to be floating. Now, some birds can indeed fly without flapping, but not the way it was caught on camera. This one was literally floating with the birdie’s wings seemingly locked in a downward position. Very intriguing and if I may say so, strangely alluring and weird at the same time. Not surprisingly, the video went viral and it has racked up 3.7 million views in just 10 days. With the amount of exposure the video gets, it is also not surprising that skeptics began weighing in on the video’s authenticity and GingerBeard did not stand by and let the science of videography get bashed. He responded. His responded was probably the best part about this video and it goes like:

“Alright you jerks. Here is the behind the scenes capture of my NVR. AKA, The Making of Floaty Bird. Or it could be, How I Faked Floaty Bird, depending who you are…. [video link] I have been made aware by a “few” of you that you feel this video lacks authenticity. Would you like me to post the footage leading up to the floating part? And maybe some interesting highlights shortly after? Would that satisfy some of you savages? And as always…. Read the description!”

Perfect response that made GingerBeard my hero now. Seldom you will see YouTubers lashing out at those who commented. Then again, he probably have no qualms about cos’ the Tube isn’t his livelihood. Anywho, he did clear the air in the description, but this being the Internet, people don’t adore reading very much and hence, some failed to catch the backstory. In case you are heading to the video link, here’s the description for your convenience:

“Yes it is a real bird. No I did not use strings.
No the footage is not edited. Yes I have YouTube slowing it down to make it easier to see.
Yes it is happening due to the capture frame rate matching the flap speed of the bird. No I did not adjust the camera for the bird.
No this is not a camera or truck commercial/advertisement. But I do like them both.”

LoL. Sorry. Just couldn’t help it but to laugh. My bad. Come’ on people. Give that guy a break. What we do not understand, does not mean it will not or cannot happen and also, not every single f*#king people are video editing experts (I am certainly not one!).

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Image: GingerBeard.