Knightscope Robot Dive Into An Indoor Fountain in D.C.

When a human decided to end his or her life during work, chances are, it is a sign of overworked or work-related stress. But what if a robot with AI did the same? Could it mean that it is overworked too? Or perhaps, it knows something that it shouldn’t? Nah. It is probably just a glitch in the system that made the robot go bonkers. Oh, wait. Maybe, just maybe, it was the heat that compelled it to cool itself down? If so, the developers probably didn’t hardcode it with critical details like, “mate, you ain’t waterproof,” and also, “mate, stairs are not for you.”

Anyways, for reasons unknown to us, a Knightscope robot doing its round in D.C. decided to end his life by taking a dive into an indoor fountain. The image was posted by Twitter user Bilal Farooqui and you know what we think? We think he is absolutely right when he commented “we were promised flying cars, instead we got suicidal robots.” Hilarious. This incident should come as both good and bad news. The good news is, robots aren’t good enough to take over the world, yet, and the bad news? Robots can be very unpredictable, and it can and will go crazy.

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Image: Bilal Farooqui.

via Engadget.