SWIFTPOINT mouse: table and mousepad not required

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anyone who uses a laptop would understand the frustration with trackpad even the much intuitive Apple’s trackpad does little to relief this eternal frustration. countering this, the market is swarmed with laptop-friendly mouse (read: smaller) – with Microsoft and Logitech being the forerunner in the market. even with a small mouse, you will inevitably requires a table space to manipulate it and worst, what if you don’t have a mousepad and the table is of glass? gosh. fret not. you will always have SwiftPoint, an ingeniously designed mouse that lets you manipulate your cursor right on the palm rest of your laptop.

instead of resting your hand over the mouse, you need only your fingers to operate SwiftPoint, just like you would holding a pen. SwiftPoint is wireless and requires no software installation, which makes it usable across any platform. all you need is to plug in the accompanying micro USB dock/receiver, and you are good to go. aside from the usual left/right clickers and scroll wheel, user can tilt the mouse to scroll through documents or zoom-in and out et cetera. there’s no batteries to fumble about, cos’ the SwiftPoint is rechargeable via the micro USB dock/receiver and in the rapid charge mode, it will juice up the SwiftPoint with an hour of battery life in just 30 seconds. on a full charge (which takes 90 minutes), the SwiftPoint will last between 2-3 weeks.

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the SwiftPoint boost a precise 1000dpi micro optical technology and has built-in sensor to detect if your finger is on it, thus minimizing stray movement of cursor when the mouse accidentally pushed. it also comes with a parking accessory, which is basically an adhesive film with a small magnetic parking area that secures the mouse in place whilst typing. the SwiftPoint retails for $69.00 and is available via SwiftPoint web store.

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