What you see here is a Hulkbuster x R2-D2 Mash-up Action Figure that has been getting some quite a bit of attention on the Internet. As you can see. Artoo here all pumped and set to smash. Those Imperial hoodlums wouldn’t stand a chance if R2-D2 was looking like he has gone through an unimaginable number of intense gym sessions. Or was he on Android-steroid? Whatever it is, I sense the rage in him is very strong. He could squash anything that comes his way.

We do not know who created this, but it is kind of a genius. Like, who would have thought artoo’s head could be such a perfect fit with Tony Stark’s Hulkbuster? It looks like it was a direct head transplant with an existing Hulkbuster action figure painted in R2 paint scheme for, you know, completeness sake. I am sure it won’t be the last.

Already, we found someone posted a 3D-printed version on Thingiverse which, if you care, you can download and create your own Hulkbuster x R2-D2 Mash-up Action Figure. OK. Maybe just ‘figure’ because, it is obvious that the 3D-printed version wouldn’t have any form of articulation.

Image: Imgur.

Source: Facebook.

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