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geeks, like any regular folks, enjoy a cup of caffeinated beverage like tea and being a style-conscious geek, we prefer to do it in absolute style, which means drinking from real tea leaves instead of your usual teabags. yes, it is true that we love to stand out even for wee thing like tea drinking and for that, we chose to pay attention to the equipment we use to make our teas and the Teastick you see here definitely makes it to our style-chart. it is a simple yet stylish, 6.25″ long stainless tube with a black food-safe plastic insert for your favorite tea leaves. all you have to do is to pull out this black insert, stuff them with the tea leaves of your choice, slide it back into the beautiful stainless steel stick, and then dunk it into a cup of hot water. in minutes, you will be getting your adrenalin fix for caffeine necessary for your night long of tearing and putting back that gaming PC of yours. the Teastick can be yours for $21.99 a pop, available through our all-time favorite geek store, ThinkGeek. where else?

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