Cool things always stand the test of time. Case in point: this R9-D9 Robot Vacuum Cleaner. Just look at it. Don’t you think that it looks pretty damn awesome? And guess what? It was created way back in 2018.

Granted, R2-D9 may not be as iconic as R2-D2, but if you think of it, don’t we have enough of R2-D2? I mean, it was a BBQ smoker, a cooker, a lamp, and a popcorn maker – just to name a few. Besides, if you have gotten yourself a R2-D2 fridge, this would make a perfect companion for a home of the astromech droid.

Back to this Custom R9-D9 Robot Vacuum Cleaner… it started life as a trashcan and a cheap household robot vacuum. It has a desk fan to turn the head, a Bluetooth speaker for sound effects, and robot vacuum front feet.

Who would have thought the R9-series had these practical capabilities? However, there is a slight caveat. It can’t do under the couch or table like its much more low profile cousins can. But who cares when it looks this cool, right?

Image: YouTube (MatthewScottHunter).

Source: Geekologie.

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