can’t get enough of R2-D2? how about a R2 BBQ smoker?

R2-D2 BBQ Smoker 544x500px
(credit: Philip Wise)

we have seen R2-D2 XBox 360 and more recently, as a trashcan and now we saw this smoking hot BBQ smoker in R2-D2 guise. DIY-ed by one huge Star Wars fan Philip Wise, this R2-BQ is built out of an aging 55-gallon drum. it may not look exactly like the R2-D2 in terms of size and physical shape but Philip’s creation has enough similarity that at one glance you will know it is meant to be a R2-D2 – thanks to the excellent paint job on the R2-BQ. nevertheless an awesome work that will put your neighbor’s crude drum BBQ look even cruder.
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via Technabob

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