R2-D2 with built-in projector is the coolest xbox 360 mod

R2D2 xbox 360 Mod by Major League Mod 544x408px
(image credit: Major League Mod)

personally, i’m not a huge fan of xbox 360 but this xbox 360 mod done by an instructables member ‘pizonbongo’ really had me go ‘wow’. this xbox 360 in R2D2 guise is definitely going to put a smile on both Star Wars fans and xbox 360 enthusiasts’ face. what makes the R2D2 xbox 360 even more wicked is the game interface can be directly projected to a wall via a built-in projector inside the R2D2, albeit not being a holographic projection (we are not there yet, but soon, i believe). the projector integration makes the whole mod appealing and gives it an extremely cool factor, don’t you think so? check out the intro video after the jump and also catch some images of the awesome xbox 360 R2D2 after the break.
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R2D2 xbox 360 Mod image 480x640px R2D2 xbox 360 Mod image2 480x640px R2D2 xbox 360 Mod image3 480x640px R2D2 xbox 360 Mod image4 640x480px R2D2 xbox 360 Mod image5 640x480px R2D2 xbox 360 Mod image6 640x480px

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