There’s a reason why board games are sometime called tabletop games. Because, they are supposed to be played on table, but that does not mean you can’t elevate your board game a little. And elevate the Level Up Modular Board Game Platform will do and it in a very literal way.

Level Up Modular Board Game Platform

Level Up raises your board game six inches, thus decluttering the table for a more neater gaming experience.

I am sure board game players have had the unfortunate experience of mixing up tokens, cards and whatnot that you own with the game’s. With Level Up, that won’t happen again, ever.

Level Up Modular Board Game Platform

Level Up practically increases the table real estate. And it is scalable in the sense that it is modular, thus allowing you increase or decrease the size based on the table or the board game.

It is simple and yet brilliant. I guess you could say it is one of those “why I didn’t think of that” invention. If its Kickstarter campaign was any indication, it is something board game enthusiasts wanted.

Level Up Modular Board Game Platform

The campaign, which had concluded, has rolled in over £800,000. Fret not, though, if you missed the opportunity to pre-order because, Level Up is taking pre-order on its website. Head over there to check out the different configurations available. Prices start at a discounted US$97.46.

Images: Level Up.

Source: Dude.

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