Facebook Camera

Facebook Camera
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not content with its decision to acquire Instagram for a cool $1 billion, Facebook has launched its own photo-sharing app, simply dubbed as Facebook Camera. hardcore mobile Facebook users and staunch ‘sharers’ alike, will certainly be smiling from ear-to-ear with this app. the app works much like most camera app on iOS devices and features basic photo-editing functions such as cropping, adding of caption, applying one of the fourteen vintage-style filters and of course, posting your photos on Facebook without leaving the app. others highlight include the ability to post multiple photos on one go, tap to tag your friends and the app also allows you to browse, comment and like your friends’ photos within the photo stream. the app is, in a way, an overlap of what the current Facebook app does on iPhone. so we are guessing, the image editing part is fact, the true highlight of this app, or may be, we can include the posting of multiple photos at a time as part of the key highlight as well. the Facebook Camera is free on the Apple App Store. though it is worthy to note that it might just be available on US store at this moment.

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