Don’t have money to drop for a truly smart refrigerator (if there’s even any at this point)? No worries, a London-based tech company Smarter is here to help. Its FridgeCam is on a mission to reduce food waste, starting from within the fridge. According to the folks over at Smarter, 7 million tonnes of food and drink from homes were thrown away due to factor like expiration. It is the world’s first wireless camera designed to be used inside the chilling environment of a refrigerator, allowing you to see the contacts from anywhere in the world.

Smarter FridgeCam In-fridge Camera

FridgeCam will keep track of your need-to-be-chilled inventory, add expired or used items to shopping list, and let in on the expiration so those perishables won’t go waste because you forgot all about them. It supports multi-cam setup, so you can have a several FridgeCam within for larger refrigerators. And how does it knows what it supposed to do (like best before tracking)? Simple. Artificial Intelligence. Each time you shut the refrigerator door, the camera snaps a picture and files it in the Smarter app.

Smarter FridgeCam In-fridge Camera

Using object recognition, it creates an inventory of what you have inside the fridge, so you’d always be in know what going inside that cold appliance. Apparently, the shopping list is linked to UK groceries chain Tesco, thus you will know what acquire when you hit the aisles. Tesco’s aisles, that is. In conclusion, FridgeCam is here to turn dumb fridge into a smart fridge. Speaking of ‘smart’, FridgeCam will not integrate with your smart home setup; it will also play well with Amazon Alexa too. Though we are no sure how this is going work out.

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Smarter FridgeCam is available on Smarter web shop for £149.99 (around US$194) a pop. Continue reading to find the product intro video.

Smarter FridgeCam In-fridge Camera

Smarter FridgeCam In-fridge Camera

Images: Smarter.

Source: Gigazine.

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