When a horror artist who also thinks ‘pies’, you know something bizarre is going to be produced. Such is in the case of Ashley Newman of It Came From Under My Bed. Ashley is a horror artist who also loves making creepy objects, including the prop pies . And the pies she make are not just any fake pie; they are pies with an appearance straight out of horror flicks.

Instead of regular top crust, Ashley “People Pot Pie” has realistic faces with a variety of expressions. Unfortunately, the People Pot Pie are not edible and it is probably a good thing because, it is rather unsettling to be eating people’s faces, don’t you think? Oh, you love it? Why you sick cannibal! Anyways, the pie is so realistic that you’d be forgiven to think actual human faces were used to make this pie (of course, you didn’t. Right, Ashley?) and the pieces were edible.

People Pot Pie by It came From Under My BedOf course, they are not made from real human faces and they are obvious not edible, but it didn’t stop one dude from taking Newman’s work as inspiration and creating an edible version with a face that only a mother could love. Newman’s flair for the creepy does not stop at human face pies though; she also craft a bunch of other equally bizarre and creepy objects like tongue pendant and earrings, realistic severed fingers and more.

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The pie and the rest of the stuff are available for sale over at Newman’s store on Etsy. If you are heading there, be prepared to be disappointed cos’ the People Pot Pie is selling like, well, hot pie. Reminder: it is not edible. Look to this person if you want to bake an edible version. Keep on reading for a video of this incredible work of art.

Images: It came From Under My Bed.

Source: Laughing Squid.

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