We are witnessing a what could be a collaboration addiction between Casio G-SHOCK and UK-based pacifist military design label Maharishi. Yes. That Maharishi, again. Not that we are tired of the wonderful collaboration, but our wallets certainly won’t be too please because, not surprisingly, the resulting product, the G-SHOCK x Maharishi GDG1000MH-1A, is pretty tantalizing and this means, it beckons us to dish out exorbitant sum for it, well, as far as G-SHOCK goes, that is. And how much are we talking about? $850. Ouch.

G-SHOCK x Maharishi GDG1000MH-1A British Bonsai Forest

That’s quite an asking price for a G-SHOCK, but in exchange, you will be getting a limited edition super rugged digital timepiece decorated with Maharishi’s new stretched camouflage variant of the British Bonsai Forest print, which you can find on the watch strap, and bright orange luminous indicators on the dial face. I don’t know. Somehow, I find the camo, military green case and orange accent makes for an unexplainable charm and I am sure you will concur if you love all-thing military. But is it worth the money? Well, I guess that really depends on your wants.

G-SHOCK x Maharishi GDG1000MH-1A British Bonsai Forest

Beyond the Maharishi touches, you will also get MUDMASTER staples, including G-SHOCK’s Triple Sensor technology comprising of an atmospheric pressure sensor, temperature sensor and magnetic sensor for compass readings, along with Multiband 6 technology to ensure accurate timekeeping, Tough Solar power and a shadow dispersing solar panel dial for high-capacity solar-charging.

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G-SHOCK x Maharishi GDG1000MH-1A British Bonsai Forest

Other G-SHOCK standards you can expect include Mud, Shock and Vibration resistant, water resistant up to 200 meters, plus features like an enormous 56mm case, full auto double LED lights, world time, 4 daily alarms with a snooze alarm, stopwatch, countdown timer, 12/24 hours formats, and finally, day and date display.

The G-SHOCK x Maharishi GDG1000MH-1A “British Bonsai Forest” is slated to hit the shelves this December, available through G-SHOCK NYC SoHo store, select Macy’s and fashion boutiques, as well as G-SHOCK online store. However, eager fans can secure theirs as we speak by pre-ordering from Maharishi web store for 750 English money.

G-SHOCK x Maharishi GDG1000MH-1A British Bonsai Forest

Images courtesy of Casio America, Inc./Maharishi.

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