Depending on the height of your desk, an Apple iMac may or may not be of an idea height. Even if it is, the real estate under the unit is often rendered useless because of the height of the unit to the desk. The solution? A stand like this one here called Understands Reclaimed Wood Stand for iMac. As you can see, it is of real wood, which kind of add some warm to the otherwise cold, aluminum gadget. What makes this stand stands out is, it is crafted from reclaimed wood. Not just any wood, though; they are off wood salvaged from downed trees in local areas.

Understands Reclaimed Wood Stand for iMac

There are two obvious boon with this so-called urban wood. First, it minimizes the logistics required to acquire the wood and therefore, reduces the carbon print, and secondly, it help save the discarded woods that would have otherwise suffer from inferno destruction, or the landfill. Plus, since they are salvaged woods, no two stands will ever look alike (also thanks in part to them being handcrafted) – a clear win for those who’s seeking for style and individuality.

Understands Reclaimed Wood Stand for iMac

Understands uses these woods not just on stands for iMac, but also for other accessories like laptop stand and a shelving of sort that goes onto the iMac’s stand for placing your external hard drive, such as your Time Machine. Understands Reclaimed Wood Stand for iMac comes in a choice of ash and walnut and it is available with or without built-in storage space(s). Depending on your choice of stand, prices range from $99 to $399.

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I wouldn’t say it is pricey. It is more of the case of paying for what you need. What I mean to say is, if the $399 Planet Ash that has multiple storage is out of your financial ability, you can always opt for the storage-less Aspire series. But whichever model you choose, you can be sure that your iMac’s base will be swallowed into the stand, turning the entire setup into a super dope rig.

Understands Reclaimed Wood Stand for iMac

Understands Reclaimed Wood Stand for iMac

Understands Reclaimed Wood Stand for iMac

Images: Understands.

Source: The Gadgeteer.

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