We have tagged this article as “Augmented Reality”, but the Xiaomi Smart Glasses is really not AR eyewear. It is an entirely different concept of smart eyewear. In fact, Xiaomi envisioned a future where the phone is the eyewear. What this means is, the Xiaomi Smart Glasses will let you do everything from making calls, translate text, navigation, consume multimedia content, and more.

Xiaomi Smart Glasses Wants To Replace Your Phone

This pair of smart eyewear will do everything you use your phone to do and letting you do so hands-free. It lets you keep your phone in your pocket as you go about your daily routine. Thanks to MicroLED imaging technology, Xiaomi Smart Glasses has the form factor of regular glasses without too obvious bulk.

Other tech specs include a quad-core ARM processor, an integrated 5 MP camera with a status indicator light, and a built-in microphone and speakers. At this point, the Xiaomi Smart Glasses is more like a concept than an actual product.

Xiaomi Smart Glasses Wants To Replace Your Phone

While it does look like regular spectacles, it is clearly less fashionable than Ray-Ban and Facebook collab smart eyewear we saw last week. Then again, Xiaomi Smart Glasses will be able to do more than just snapping pictures.

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There’s no indication of the launch date nor is a price associated with it. I have a feeling it will not material in another couple of years.

Images: Xiaomi.

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