For those who have the constant anxiety of loosing those pricey TWS earbuds, perhaps, the new Beats maybe able to quell that anxiety. Almost a year on after introducing the Powerbeats Pro, Apple-owned Beats by Dre has revealed a new pair of Powerbeats Wireless Earphones by Beats.

Powerbeats Wireless Earphones by Beats

It is not true wireless sound earbuds per se. The Powerbeats Wireless Earphones is in fact a cabled wireless in-ear headphones featuring integrated ear hooks and a specially engineered round cable that linked the two earbuds together.

It is basically the Powerbeats Pro, really, offering the same powerful sound, and reinforced sweat and water resistance.

Powerbeats Wireless Earphones by Beats

The new Powerbeats has up to 15 hours of listening time per charge. With regards to the battery life, it is obviously lacking compared to the true wireless variety since it does not have a charging case. It does have a carrying case, a fabric one as it appears.

For that, you’d also be shelling out significantly less. You are looking $149.95 as opposed the TWS version which costs $249.95.

Images: Beats by Dre.

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