A foosball table aka Football Table (or Table Football) is a great fix for soccer fans who never get enough of football. Now, there is a (football table) for soccer fans who have a thing for LEGO too. Folks, meet the LEGO Ideas Table Football (21337) Set.

LEGO Ideas Table Football (21337) Set

Based on the winning set of the We Love Sports Contest designed by young Hungarian LEGO fan Donát Fehérvári who goes by the handle of Constructions by Donat on LEGO Ideas, the LEGO Ideas Table Football (21337) Set is a scaled-down version of a retro Table Football game, featuring color-coded sliding knobs behind each goal to keep score.

It is funny how Fehérvári is just a 16-year-old kid but his creation is targeted (by LEGO) at grown-ups of age 18 and up – a set not recommended for his age. Ironic much? Just saying…

The set has 2,339 pieces and the completed build measures a sizeable yet still fairly portable dimension of over 6 inches high, 16 inches wide, and 10 inches deep (15 x 41 x 29 cm).

LEGO Ideas Table Football (21337) Set

This set is also a Minifigure galore – it has no less than 22 minifigures which you can customize to your heart contents with 44 different heads and 43 hairstyles.

Obviously, not all 22 minifigures will be on the pitch. This is a five-a-side game – the rest will be relegated as benchwarmers with their very own grandstand. The base of the grandstand also doubles as handy storage for the extra Minifigure heads and hairstyles.

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Flags can be issued to the substitute players to cheer their team on.

LEGO Ideas Table Football (21337) Set

Over at the pitch… I mean foosball table, there are 2 rods per team to control the players that are on the pitch. There is a rod for the goalie and 2 defenders, and a rod for 2 strikers. 2 footballs are included, along with a trophy and the aforementioned flags.

The LEGO Ideas Table Football (21337) Set is scheduled to drop on November 01, 2022, with a cool sticker of US$249.99.

LEGO Ideas Table Football (21337) Set

All images courtesy of LEGO.

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