Most traditional timepieces suffer from the same problem and that’s time accuracy. Some watchmakers get around this by designing watches that syncs with either GPS or atomic clock, both of which Casio has explored, but now the Japanese watchmaker has gotten smarter with its new EDIFICE timepieces, EQB501. Not because it uses Bluetooth SMART, but because that short range wireless connectivity module there, together with Casio’s Mobile Link Technology, allows the watch to connect to a smartphone at a push of a button.

Casio EQB501XD-1A and EQB501XDB-1A EDIFICE Wrist Watches

But no. This ain’t no smartwatch. What it does is, by connecting to a smartphone and with CASIO WATCH+ app, it will enable your EQB501 to access to correct time in its current location and for up to 300 cities worldwide, It can even update with the latest time zone and Daylight Saving Time information when applicable. Moreover, the EQB501 also touts improved accuracy – thanks to the automatic syncing, via your smartphone, of course, to a time serve on the Internet four times a day. So, basically you need not do anything once it is set, but if you so choose to, you can manually hit the button to rest it to ensure its accuracy.

Casio EQB501XD-1A and EQB501XDB-1A EDIFICE Wrist Watches

Other worthy mentions of the new Casio EQB501XD-1A and EQB501XDB-1A EDIFICE Wrist Watches include a striking 3D dial with neo-brite luminous hands, speed indicator, tachymeter etched bezel, a brushed and polished solid stainless steel construction, water resistant up to 100 meters (328 feet), scratch resistant mineral crystal, and Casio’s Tough Solar Power system, which pretty much negates the need for battery changes, ever, because even low or fluorescent light works to recharge it too. Beyond those, you will also find Phone Finder functionality too.

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Casio EQB501XD-1A ($300) and EQB501XDB-1A EDIFICE ($320) are slated to be available this month via Fred Meyer Jewelers and select Macy’s stores.

Casio EQB501XD-1A and EQB501XDB-1A EDIFICE Wrist Watches

Image: CASIO.

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