Movies don’t show everything. While motion pictures tell some story, they never detail everything like for example, whether super villains eat, or do they bathe or poop, and they certainly won’t give you a hint of what it took to build the Batcave or Hogwarts castle, and how much real world money they would cost – if they were to be built in this non-fictional world.

I know. Not everyone is curious about the answer to this seemingly mundane question, but if you are, you are in luck because, someone has bothered to dig into the details and work out how much it cost to build a Death Star, a Starship USS Enterprise, and The Wall from Game of Thrones and produced an awesome visual that has all the details laid out. And they did so based on the technology we have at our disposal today, so you will have a feel how much these fictional structures would cost in real life.

I must say, some of the cost blew my mind clean. Like how even Bruce Wayne may be worth $11.6 billion, the Batcave alone would have carved a huge chunk out of his bank account. Mind you, we are talking about network of this cape crusader and not the actual cash he has in his vault. Anyways, keep on going to find this intriguing piece of infographic that is guaranteed to leave your jaw hanging.

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Cost Of Building Iconic Pop Culture Structures

Images and source: Siege Media/BIGRentz.

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