Microsoft And Forza Celebrates 15 Years of Xbox

Forza fans take note. Microsoft and Forza is celebrating Xbox 15th anniversary with a couple of goodies for you. For starter, all players will receive a 2017 Ford F-150 Raptor draped in a custom livery celebrating Xbox’s 15 years – that’s the virtual truck you see above. Pretty dope, right? And why wouldn’t it be? A free digital vehicle is always welcome, though we must say the livery leaves much to desire. I mean, it is okay looking, but personally, I am not a fan of the green/black design. But hey, it is free and so, what’s there to complain about?

Microsoft And Forza Celebrates 15 Years of Xbox

The good news does not stop there if you are a Forza Horizon 3 VIP because as a VIP, you will get a second 2017 Ford F-150 Raptor (a second one!) with a different Xbox 15th anniversary livery which, in my humble opinion, looks a lot nicer. In addition to the free truck with the custom livery, there are two in-game Rivals events created to mark the occasion: one in Forza Motorsport 5 and the other, can be found in Forza Horizon 3 with the latter getting a special Bucket List Challenge which you will have to find by hitting up the Pink Lakes Bucket List point in the game, under the featured event “Celebrate #15 Years of Xbox.”

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Both events will star the Ford F-150, btw. Not bad for an anniversary celebration, but of course, more freebies would certainly push this up the scale to beyond awesome.

Images courtesy of Forza Motorsport.