Sometime we hear people saying “Man, I need some personal space to think things over,” but the truth be told, with all the distractions around us in this modern world, can even find any personal space at all? Actually, you can, if you hit up the mountains and huddle yourself inside a remote cave, or you could find solace right smack in a busy office with this: The Thought Box.

Thought Box from The Form Emporium

With Thought Box, currently being sold by British online retailer The Form Emporium, your personal space for thinking whatever that it is you want to think about is right there and then. Yes. It is a wearable box that lets you think, daydream or whatever when your head is snuggles inside the box. Don’t laugh. It is real! It is made of a combination of card (cardboard?) and washable Lycra, and features an adjustable internal plastic helmet to fit your head, so the box will stay secured to your head.

Thought Box from The Form Emporium

It even comes with a pair of ear plugs to mute the buzzing around you and there’s also a solid beech stool for you to be seated as you let your train of thought wander in your very own dark, isolated world. Last but not the least, it comes with five interchangeable and washable color filters, so you can pick the right color to suit your mood. Honestly though, the color is just a frivolous feature because, the world you about to enter to let your thoughts run wild is just going to be black. Plus, color or not, it will look just as ridiculous. Oops. There you go. I said it.

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But, but… only if you are prepared to part with a handsome £495 (or about US$636) for this goofy product. Yikes. I never thought (pun not intended!) gathering one’s thought would be this pricey. Then again, despite it being all bizarre and expensive (for what it is), Thought Box limited run of just 10 units appeared to have sold out at the time of this writing. That’s mental!

Thought Box from The Form Emporium

Images: The Form Emporium.

Source: Luxury Launches.

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