stack up your old magazines, strap them up and it is a stool!

NJUStudio Hockenheim Stool 544x500px
(credit: NJUStudio) NJUStudio Hockenheim Stool | from €128.50 |

the NJUStudio Hockenheim Stool is not just a stool but it is also partly made up of your old stacks of magazines. instead dumping your magazines into the dumpster, why not make use of them? this is exactly what the NJUStudio Hockenheim Stool does. the stool composed of three parts, the handmade pillow seat, the birch wood stool frame and the leather straps complete with buckets and rivets to hold the aforementioned parts together – with the magazines in between, of course. this is definitely going to be a conversational piece in any home. the NJUStudio Hockenheim Stool is available in two configurations, one for stacked magazines, and one for stacked newspapers. yes, if you have newspaper in abundance, NJUStudio has that covered too. you can get yours for €128.50 (about US$185) from Selekkt. the newspaper version cost €12 (about US$17) more.
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NJUStudio Hockenheim Stool 544x544px

Selekkt [DE] via Highsnobiety

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