Finally, a startup that speaks my mind! All this while I have been thinking why drones haven’t been incorporated into our home security system. I mean, the technology and everything are there to allow us to create something completely autonomous that could be used to watch over our property like a faithful security guard as opposed to just having static cameras. But nothing as yet, well, that’s until now. Enters Alpha Smart Security Drone. Conceived by Galileo, a startup based out of Southern California, Alpha represents a refreshing and innovative application of drone technology and it is the first of its kind destined for homes and businesses

It is completely autonomous and works in conjunction with a series of sensor node installed around your property to detect intrusion. Each sensor node is equipped with PIR Motion Sensor and is recognized by the drone by location. So, whenever a motion is detect at one point, Alpha moves in to investigate. Onboard the Alpha, it boasts advanced technology like Pulsed Light’s LED LIDAR that enables it to sense its surroundings with precision. Along with LIDAR, Alpha also boasts an night vision-capable HD camera, backed by 10 IR LEDs and 12 high-powered LEDs. Also onboard are a microphone and a dual speaker system (so that you can yell at the perpetrators and scare the shit out of them), and a battery pack that offers 20 minute worth of flight time.

In addition, Alpha is Qi compatible, thus allow it to be charged wirelessly when ‘parked’ on the purpose designed charging station. The entire scenario painted by Galileo seems like a scene from a sci-fi flick and while given the technology the world has today, developing a security drone like such is not quite a gargantuan task, Galileo endeavor is by no means a walk in a park. A bold ambitious, if I may say. The ability to detect threat to the drone is important too, for example, what if someone attempts to knock it off the sky? The drone itself is equipped with obstacle avoidance, but what will happen in the aforementioned scenario and at times of bad weather?

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Like I say, it is a bold ambitious and may require some time to perfect, but at least, now I know there’s a startup that shares my enthusiasm and vision. However, whether it will take off and be available to consumers on time still remain to be seen. Also, there’s one thing we don’t understand; Alpha is stated on its Indiegogo campaign page as a “triple blade” multicopter, but in the pitch video and some renders the company posted on its Facebook page, it was shown as a quadcopter. It was a small detail, but no less confidence damaging. Perhaps, Galileo would want to clarify?

Anywho, if you are all up for a high-tech security system and don’t mind the excruciating long wait of over a year, then you may want secure an Alpha by pre-ordering it on Indiegogo. Prices start at $600. The basic package gets you the drone and the wireless charging station, but not including the sensor node, which goes for $100 a pop. It will be a costly setup, but if it works as promised, it might just be worth the dough with added side benefit of having the bragging rights for a owning high-tech home, well, at least on the security aspect.

UPDATE: We read it wrong. It is in fact a quadcopter, but as opposed to a typical ‘twin blade’ prop, Alpha Smart Security Drone has a ‘three-blade’ prop. A little unusual, we must say. Anywho, there’s really no need for clarification on Galileo part. We apologize for our oversight (shame on us. We feel like putting a paper bag over our head).

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