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spnKix - wearable mobility
(photos: spnKix) spnKix – Wearable Mobility | US$649.00 | www.spnkix.com

let’s face it: we are often in a dilemma when comes to getting ourselves to a location that’s too far to walk or too near to drive. sure, we can always pedal our way there but stowing a huge thing like a bicycle is not necessary an easy task either. a motorized skateboard could be the solution or you could go a notch up the style mobility scale with the Spnkix. this innovative product with an almost unpronounceable name is essentially a pair of ultra cool looking skates supercharged. in another word, this pair are motorized. think of it as add-ons for your regular shoes that will will save yourself some legwork – literally. spnKix are battery powered (obviously), motorized skates crafted from fiber reinforced nylon and aluminum that straps right on to your standard shoes. the hardware and electronics required to propel it are all integrated into its sleek frame and speed control is achieved via a hand held wireless remote control. all you need to do is charged the pair, strap them on and you are all set. just make sure you have the remote tightly in your grasp. each foot is packed with a motor and a rechargeable lithium battery that offers up to 10 mph of cruising speed and is good for 2 to 3 miles on a single full charge. the spnKix has garnered a huge support when it went on Kickstarter (it achieved an astounding $120,300 funding – more than 380% more than what they have seek) last month and it is now up for grab for $649 a pair via it’s official website.

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