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Razor Puts An Electric Motor On To The Jetts And Calls It Turbo Jetts

Before Razor’s spark-kicking Jetts Heel Wheels came on to the market, kids had been zooming down the malls with sneakers embedded with heel wheels. Razor’s solution serves to turn any shoe into heel wheeled kicks without the need to buy a pair of ‘specialized’ sneakers. Apparently, Razor thinks add-on heel wheels aren’t enough. A year on, it came up with another novel version: Jetts with electric motor and it is calling it Turbo Jetts. I am not into this heel wheel thing (obviously), but if I am not wrong, this is the first of its kind. Continue reading Razor Puts An Electric Motor On To The Jetts And Calls It Turbo Jetts

Polish Man Creates Motorized Rollerblades With Off-Road Capability

At a time where skateboards are going the motorized path and off-road, it may seem like the once popular rollerblades have ran out of roads to travel. Well, not if Polish Aero-Service can help it. The outfit, or rather the person behind the outfit, Jack Skopinski has not only turned a regular rollerblades into a motorized one, but bestowed it with tank-like treads, so his creation, dubbed EV4 Blades, not only takes the leg work out of rollerblading but also lets you go off-road. Each rollerblade boot is powered by a 350W DC motor, affixed to the heel, which powers Continue reading Polish Man Creates Motorized Rollerblades With Off-Road Capability

RocketSkates Let You Cruise At Up To 12MPH Without Any Remote

despite its namesake, the Acton R RocketSkates are not actually rocket-powered roller skates. that would be a nightmare for sidewalk users and the wearer too. just imagine your feet going faster than your body can keep up. horrendous, to say the least. fortunately, the RocketSkates are powered by more mundane brushless motors. it has four of them; two on each skate and offers several improvements over the firm’s first pair, the spnKix, introduced two years ago. like its predecessor, RocketSkates electric roller skates can be worn with any footwear, so you can easily remove them and continue with your regular sneakers or whatever. this means you don’t have to sling your shoes over your neck like it was done in the seventies and eighties while the users were on skates (it was a cool thing to do, btw, despite the, erhmm, smell that the footwear might have). Continue reading RocketSkates Let You Cruise At Up To 12MPH Without Any Remote

spnKix – Motorized Roller Skates

spnKix - wearable mobility
(photos: spnKix) spnKix – Wearable Mobility | US$649.00 | www.spnkix.com

let’s face it: we are often in a dilemma when comes to getting ourselves to a location that’s too far to walk or too near to drive. sure, we can always pedal our way there but stowing a huge thing like a bicycle is not necessary an easy task either. a motorized skateboard could be the solution or you could go a notch up the style mobility scale with the Spnkix. this innovative product with an almost unpronounceable name is essentially a pair of ultra cool looking skates supercharged. in another word, this pair are motorized. think of it as add-ons for your regular shoes that will will save yourself some legwork – literally. spnKix are battery powered (obviously), motorized skates crafted from fiber reinforced nylon and aluminum that straps right on to your standard shoes. Continue reading spnKix – Motorized Roller Skates