Free Skate Is Like The Lovechild Of A Skateboard And Inline Skate

In Today I Learn, we found there is such a thing called Free Skates (not to be confused with figure skating’s free skating segment, btw). No. Free Skate does not mean the skates are free. So, what the heck is Free Skates, anyways? Well, it is sort of like a cross between inline skates, AKA […]

Segway Is Selling Its ’Hoverboard Shoes’, Drift W1 eSkates, On Indiegogo

Remember electric roller-skate, Segway Drift W1 eSkates, we wrote about a few months ago? Well, it is now available, surprisingly, via Indiegogo. I guess being Ninebot-owned does make a difference in the marketing game plan, isn’t it? Anywho, in case you are clueless about what Segway Drift W1 eSkates are… they are basically, erhmmm, roller-skates. […]

Segway Drift W1 e-Skates Is Like The Hoverboard, But Separated

If you think hoverboard (not the BTTF kind of hoverboard, btw) is not challenging and/or dangerous enough to ride on, here’s a good news: Segway newest self-balancing electric roller called Segway Drift W1 e-Skates might just satisfy your needs. Segway Drift W1 is the company’s take of roller skates. Oh, wait. Or was it the […]

Razor Puts An Electric Motor On To The Jetts And Calls It Turbo Jetts

Before Razor’s spark-kicking Jetts Heel Wheels came on to the market, kids had been zooming down the malls with sneakers embedded with heel wheels. Razor’s solution serves to turn any shoe into heel wheeled kicks without the need to buy a pair of ‘specialized’ sneakers. Apparently, Razor thinks add-on heel wheels aren’t enough. A year […]

Polish Man Creates Motorized Rollerblades With Off-Road Capability

At a time where skateboards are going the motorized path and off-road, it may seem like the once popular rollerblades have ran out of roads to travel. Well, not if Polish Aero-Service can help it. The outfit, or rather the person behind the outfit, Jack Skopinski has not only turned a regular rollerblades into a […]

RocketSkates Let You Cruise At Up To 12MPH Without Any Remote

despite its namesake, the Acton R RocketSkates are not actually rocket-powered roller skates. that would be a nightmare for sidewalk users and the wearer too. just imagine your feet going faster than your body can keep up. horrendous, to say the least. fortunately, the RocketSkates are powered by more mundane brushless motors. it has four […]