You have seen a power drill-powered skateboard, now meet a pair of inline skates that is powered by, well, power drills. I am sure the notion of powered inline skates isn’t new. We have even seen a motorized, off-road creation, but somehow, this power drill-powered inline skates created by The Q look super cool and super fun.

Power Drill-powered Inline Skates by The Q

Seeing how The Q put it together is always a unique experience. Or perhaps, it was the chain drive and the wired remote on each inline skate that made it cool? Or was it the matching-to-the-power drill lime green sprockets that made it looks awesome? I don’t know.

Power Drill-powered Inline Skates by The Q

Basically, it is just freaking cool and it looks to be pretty well built too. Anyhoo, go ahead and have a look at the build process yourself in the video embedded below.

Images: YouTube (The Q).

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