Summit Sofa by Stelios Mousarris

We know how furniture can be double as an art, but we never thought that it is possible for a couch to be turned into wall art and vice versa. A wall art/sofa is exactly what the Summit Sofa is.

Summit Sofa by Stelios Mousarris

Actually, I am not sure if this furniture by Stelios Mousarris should be called Summit Sofa, or should it be called Summit Wall Art. But it is both anyways. It is pretty surreal seeing how the “puzzle pieces” can be removed from its frame and turned into functional furniture. I guess this is what we call functional art?

The cushions are magnetic and attach to the metallic frame through, well, magnetic properties. OK. Perhaps you can’t really call its furniture state as a couch or sofa; it is just furniture for sitting but that’s good enough for us.

The modular nature of this art/furniture allows you to configure however you like. You can choose to use them as seats, or create a play area for your young ones, or whatnot. How it can be configured is really limited to your imagination.

Summit Sofa by Stelios Mousarris

Whatever you ended configuring it, the wavy pieces look ever so avant-garde. We love how even with the “puzzle pieces” removed from the frame, the frame, with the lines that define each piece, serves as another perspective of this hanging sofa wall art.

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Now, for the good news. The Summit Sofa by Stelios Mousarris is actually something money can buy, but as expected, it does not come cheap. Expect it to run you back at €3,400 (about US$4,000), excluding applicable tax and shipping and handling. And yes, Mousarris does ship internationally as long as you are willing to pay for the S&H.

Images: Mousarris.

via Dude.