DIY Drill-powered Electric Skateboard by Inspire To Make

As cool as an electric skateboard is, not everyone can afford to drop a grand for it, but that doesn’t mean you have to live without it. Well, that’s if you have the knack of tinkering and you have a battery powered cordless drill lying around. That, plus some other stuff like bolts, spare grinding brush et cetera. As shown by Igor from Inspire To Make, he has successful converted a regular longboard into an electric one and all he did was to modify one of the front wheels to fit a flexible drill bit extender. From the looks of it, it looks pretty much like a real electric-powered longboard, except that it does not have wireless control like most such board touts since the flexible drill bit extender has to run the length from the hand to the wheel.

It looks kind of cool too, but then again, it is already cool when it actually works, which it did. Though it is not sure how fast it could go as the video was kind of sped up and there’s no telling how long the battery pack on the drill can last. If you are interested, you can check out the part list required for this creation and have a go yourself. But we are not responsible for any incident, accident or whatsoever one may get into when doing so. Just saying… Check out the DIY drill-powered electric skateboard in action in the embedded video below.

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YouTube via Sploid