today, 3D printers are pretty affordable, but if you are in the market for one that offers higher resolution 3D prints, be it for prototyping or even for small batch final products, you will have to put a little more dough for it, or $4,900 to be exact for a machine called the OWL Nano Ultra Precision 3D Printer from Old World Laboratories. trust me, the things that goes into this pod-like desktop 3D printer is anything, but old world. made in the U.S.A., the OWL Nano uses the next-generation stereolithography technology that negates the need for mirrors to reflect the laser beam by placing the laser source centimeters from the structure.

this result in reduced beam distortion and allows highly tuned, single strand laser to focus on an area as small as 100 nanometers, or 1/10th of a micron (hence the name, OWL Nano). the immediate benefits are obvious: higher resolution print means a less painful post-print processing work, which also means yielding a product as the designer has intended and also the ability to print tiny objects with greater details. like most 3D printers we have seen, the OWL Nano is self-contained device that does not require additional room ventilation and is designed to fit virtually any place, be it the office, lab, manufacturing floor, or at home.

the OWL Nano Ultra Precision 3D Printer is available for your acquisition for $4,900. in commercial perspective, this is among the affordable high-res 3D printer, though it might be a little over for hobbyists, but then again, if you have pots of gold laying around, you are more than welcome to purchase one for your home workshop. the choice is yours.

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