we have seen aircraft parts repurposed into stylish and functional furniture, but a coffee table made using an authentic Boeing 777 wheel (i.e. real wheel!) got to be the first. little is known about this beauty here, but apparently, it is an one-off item with a price of application (PoA) price tag on it. naturally, the coffee table started its life as a regular Boeing 777 wheel (but whether it had been used or not, remains an unanswered question) and repurposed into a coffee table’s base you see here. it went through a prep process, including a hand-polishing process which took no less than 150 hours to complete. after which, completing the whole table look is just the matter of placing a glass table top over this attractive, polished alloy wheel.

anyway, the glass top allows for the full glory of the Boeing 777 wheel to be admired while you are lounging away with a cuppa in your living. we wish we have more details like what exactly this wheel has been put through and whether was it from a retired aircraft, or did it not seen any action on the runway before. i know sounds kind of silly, but we love to know if this has been used, was it from the nose gear or from the main gear? actually they should be of the same design, and probably size too. anyway, we just want to know. in place of the lack of information, there is a bunch of images for you to ogle over, which you can find after the break.

Fallen Furniture via Luxury Launches

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