The Craziest Chair Is Not One Of Lava, But One That’s An Aircraft Engine

You know those engines on Boeing 737? Yeah. Those are engines you’d avoid when they are fitted on a working aircraft, hot and ready to go, but this one here is one that you want to sit in. Created by Fallen Furniture, the 737 Cowling Chair, as it is called, is not actually the engine […]

Practice Cluster Bomb Turned Into A Beautiful, 600 lbs Drinks Cabinet

Aviation nuts will welcome anything aviation-related into their home. Some even goes to the extend of putting dead ammunitions in their home, which of course, is not something anyone should do, but not if that ammunition is a practice cluster bomb that has been stripped, polished and turned into a stunning drinks cabinet. So yes. […]

Boeing 777 Wheel Coffee Table

we have seen aircraft parts repurposed into stylish and functional furniture, but a coffee table made using an authentic Boeing 777 wheel got to be the first. little is known about this beauty here, but apparently, it is an one-off item with a price of application (PoA) price tag on it.