for once, noisy place might be a good place for your phone

Orange Sound Charge 544x360px
(credit: Orange)

French-based telecommunication company, Orange has unveiled a shirt that promise to keep your phone charged in a noisy environment. the shirt, dubbed Sound Charge, features a flat microphone panel that will embrace the noise generated around you and converts them into useful electricity that charges your smartphone. apparently Orange did their research and found that a typical music festival generates about 80 decibels of noise which the Sound Charge could easily take advantage off. noisy environment is not usually friendly to phone communication but i guess the Sound Charge could just make a noisy place a good place for your mobile phone.
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all shirt needs to be washed, with that in mind, Orange has that covered. the electronics can be removed from the shirt and send for wash – the shirt, not the electronics. the shirt also comes with a variety of plugs to suit different make and model of phones.


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