If there’s one gripe about iPhone, it would be storage and the only resolution for iPhone users’ storage woe would be iCloud, which means leaving your data at the hands of Apple and at the mercy of connectivity. Seriously, we can’t keep assuming that we will always have connectivity and similarly, we can’t assume our data won’t be hacked while it sits idly in the Cloud. That said, iPhone is in dire need of removable storage like microSD card, but that’s going to happen for obvious reason and so, third-party solution is the only way to go for now.

Speaking of third party solution, here’s one contender that is rather future-ish and super slick and it is called i.dime. At its core, i.dime is a smaller-than-a-dime magnetic flash drive that works with a special protective case. A Lightning connector inside the case plugs to your device (much like battery cases do) and there’s a female connector, found on the back of the case, which the dime-sized flash drive adheres to magnetically, thus closing the loop. A companion app lets you record capture images and videos directly onto the i.dime, so you will never have to touch the phone’s built-in storage.

The app also boasts a file manager that allows you to backup contacts, photos and videos already on your device and it offers full visibility of all the files stored so you can managed them as you would with most third party file manager or explorer app. In addition, the app also opens you to a world of media formats not supported by iOS. Furthermore, i.dime makes cross platform sharing of files a breeze – simply plug i.dime to either an optional Lightning or microUSB holder and voila!, your files can be viewed by another device, regardless of its make or model.

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The holder also lets you use i.dime without the case, but why should you when the case and i.dime combo offers such an irresistibly sleek solution to your storage woe? There’s a USB adapter too, so you can easily and quickly transfer files to your laptop whenever you choose to. i.dime touts a read/write speeds of up to 95MB/s, while not exactly blazing fast as claimed, it should be sufficiently ‘fast’. If only Samsung’s storage technology was used. But lets not nick pick, shall we?

Along with the optional holder, i.dime has also developed a couple of accessories to make your iLife more, well, sophisticated and these includes a la contact touch charging dock and external battery, as well as a “keychain holder” that looks pretty much like a luxury car remote key fob and holders two i.dimes and two dongles (i.e. the holder). i.dime Magnetic Dime-sized iPhone Storage Expansion is offered in 32, 64, 128 and 256GB flavors.

But before you go gaga over this super cool storage solution for iPhone, you have to know that it will be awhile before you can get your hands on one cos’ the product has just successfully concluded a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter and it does not have a website to pre-order it yet. In the meantime, you can learn more from its Kickstarter campaign and also from the embedded product pitch video available after this post.

Image: screengrab from YouTube video.

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