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before iPhone, we called our trusty mobile communication device, smartphone and mobile phone (or cell phone, depending where you are from). before iPhone, it is a norm to have a strap looped to our smartphone or mobile phone through the provided tiny little hole. i had one these ‘hand strap’ on almost all my previous mobile phone, including my last ever windows phone, the samsung i780. ever since iPhone, hand straps (or decorative straps in some cases) has been missed, although not sorely missed. well, fret not. a Japanese company has a solution for it – a bracket screwed to the base of your iPhone 4 and it’s available for both 3G & 3GS as well. when every company is rushing to design & manufacture cases/covers for iPhone 4, these guys at Poddities chose a different path and came up with a contraption to enable you to relive your hand strap days with your iPhone.

there are 4 models to choose from, including one that adds a card holder cum screen cover for your iPhone (called OSAIFON). basically they are quite similar, except for the ‘hand-strap’ attachment. you have the loop strap, carabiner strap and NETSUKE which doesn’t have any strap but just the plain bracket for you loop anything you fancy. the process of making your iPhone 4 into a ‘hand-strap friendly’ mobile phone is fairly simple (but risk voiding the warranty). just simply replace the 2 stock screws at the bottom of the phone with the one that came with the bracket and you are done. so is it safe? let me put it this way: if you have a hand strap looped to the bracket and use the hand strap as an added security while using the phone to prevent accidental drops, i think that’s cool. i certainly don’t recommend putting pressure test on it, such as pulling with force or even swinging. those 2 screws are tiny, and tiny screws has thin threads and these means that they may not take the extra pulling force. in my opinion, prolong exposure to pulling pressure, the screw may just give way or worst, wears out the internal thread of the phone. that’s the next worst thing, after broken screws. nevertheless, it’s quite a nifty idea. who knows, i might just get myself one, for the sake of reliving my hand-strap-on-mobile days. the price of the hand-strap attachment ranges from 1800¥ (approx. USD22) to 4800¥ (approx. USD58).

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