while we are all for Google’s effort to minimize the number of buttons on our smartphones, there are times we do miss the buttons. you see, hard buttons, unlike soft buttons, saves you the hassle of turning on your phone to actually do something, actually that’s not true. we only realized that when we stumbled upon this little must-have Android accessory called Pressy. as odd as the name may sound, it is actually very fitting for this little guy that’s designed to be pressed. plugs Pressy into your headphone jack and you get yourself an additional button on your Android smartphone that is totally customizable using the included free app to recognize what different clicks do. examples include a short click for taking photos, double short click for turning on the LED flash, or a single long click to call a preassigned contact et cetera. basically, the possibility is virtually endless.

amazingly (or not), Pressy also works with your headphones remote – so when Pressy is out and your headphones is plugged in, you can just let your headphones’ remote take over the duties of Pressy. with this must-have Android accessory, your days of turning your Android smartphone to execute frequently do task is over. judging from the response on Pressy’s Kickstarter campaign, we have reasons to believe buttons are here to stay. are you reading this Google? you can get yours for $17 a pop, or $20 if you are looking to grab the handy Pressy Key Chain to safe keep this tiny accessory when not in use. click past the jump for a few more look and while you are there, do also check out the best pitch video we have seen to date. seriously, don’t miss the video.

Kickstarter via Gear Junkie

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