at the verge of giving up on home-concocted cocktails because they taste nothing like what your favorite bar serves up? well, don’t, at least not until you have given The Neat Ice Kit by Studio Neat a shot. seriously, ice? yes. very seriously. believe it or not, ice can sometimes make or break your concoction, and this kit is the the kit that will let create the right ice you need for your cocktails, be it the all-time bar favorite Gin Tonic (some prefer to call it Gin & Tonic), or classier stuff like Tom Collins. however… if given the right ice and your taste bud still couldn’t agree with it, then perhaps it is time to rethink your career path or perhaps, considering enlisting some help from a cocktail dispensing robot instead.

anyway, The Neat Ice Kit by Studio Neat comes with an ice mold for making a block of ice with perfectly clear top half, an ice chisel for splitting the large block two or more smaller blocks, and a Lewis bag and a wooden muddler for crushing the ice into bits for summertime drinks such as the Mint Julep and The Fix. basically, the kit has everything you will need to create three distinct types of ice, which should have most of concoctions covered. now all you need is to round up some friends to appreciate your new found skill. you can pre-order The Neat Ice Kit by Studio Neat from Kickstarter for just $50 per kit, or $70 if you need an extra ice mold. learn more about this awesome ice kit in the embedded video below.

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