Christmas is upon us and you know what that means? It means the stress on your wallet with all the buying of gifts, and also putting up the best Christmas tree. I don’t how we can help you on the former, but we think we maybe on to something for the latter, if you are a huge fan of hard liquor and/or spirits. Meet The ONE Bauble Gift Set, which are essentially six tree ornaments with a grown-up twist. No, not to worry. There are no penises or bare boobs printed on them, neither are they the usual red or sparkling gold baubles.

The ONE Bauble Gift Set from Master of Malt

Oh wait. They are in gold, in fact, but whiskey gold. How appropriate, eh? You’d get the best of both worlds, if you’re a drinker, that is. First, your tree gets the well-deserved unique look (that’s gold right there, you know?), and second, you can drink to the occasion straight off the tree. Not everyday you can say you’d pluck the sweet nectar of Malt off a tree, can you? Well, this holiday season gives you the reason to do so, so why not? Available from Master of Malt in a set of six for $38.03. Steal a few more looks of the product below.

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The ONE Bauble Gift Set from Master of Malt

The ONE Bauble Gift Set from Master of Malt

Images: Master of Malt.

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