whether you are seriously tuxe party maker or just a cocktail lover, you will appreciate what the Bartendro Cocktail Dispensing Robot can do for you. despite its namesake, it is not a robotic figure per say, but it is a machine rigged with sensors, pumps and valves, powered by a Raspberry Pi mini PC and controllable by your smartphones or tablets to spit out perfect cocktail every single time. basically, that pretty much sums up what Bartendro can do. unless you are a pro mixologist (yes, that’s what they are called now), chances are, you will end up with a mess at the bar and still can’t get your idea mix right. the Bartendro Cocktail Dispensing Robot takes the guess work out of your amateur mixologist career and is capable of serving over 200 cocktail concoctions in an evening and it takes less than 10 seconds for this robotic mixologist to turn up one delectable mixed beverage.

it is designed to be lightweight and portable so that your cocktail party will not be restricted to just your humble pad: it can go to wherever your bash is and for any events, be it conferences, weddings, or whatever. other aspects include ease of set up and cleaning up of the machine takes a mere five minutes to execute. Party Robotics, the folks behind the Bartendro, have taken this cool invention to crowdfunding platform Kickstarter and is seeking your support to make the Bartendro a reality. if you are keen, then head on to their Kickstarter page and make a pledge of $499 or more for a Bartendro 3, a basic three-ingredient setup. all you need is to provide your own tablet or smartphone, and of course, the ingredients. also not included: party goers and drinkware (martini glasses, or plastic cups – your choice).

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