Content creator, digital artist and self-proclaimed “Photoshop Supervillain” Fotis Providas (@FotisProvidas) is having a blast with Apple’s newly announced MagSafe for iPhone.

iPhone Purell Dispenser with MagSafe

The man had came up with a couple of interesting use for the MagSafe that will make take a second look and exclaim, “Apple did what?”

Providas has imagined an iPhone Pen Holder with MagSafe and, my personal favorite, iPhone Purell Dispenser with MagSafe.

What made these “products” brilliant is, they are not simply Photoshopped stuff (well, they looked like Photoshopped stuff anyways).

They are Photoshopped and blended into Apple store’s product pages to make them look like legit products. The best part is, he never explicitly point out that they are just fun Photoshop images.

The overall setup is very convincing, if not for the ridiculous (in a good way) nature of the products.

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Fotis’ latest creation is the ProMotion High Refresh Speed Pills for iPhone that will give iPhone 120 Hz refresh rate screen. LoL! In case anyone still have not get it. No, those are not real products.

Images: Twitter (@FotisProvidas).

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