When pizza was first made, it was cooked using a wood-fired oven and thus, as a pizza connoisseur you would likely prefer pizzas made with a wood-fired oven. If so, Ñuke has just the oven for you.

The Ñuke The Pizzero Wood-fired Pizza Oven is not just functional; it is a centerpiece for any fire-worshipping foodie’s outdoor cooking space. If you have a commercial-size kitchen, you could possibly fit in it too.

But what are the odds, right? Then again, if you can afford to plonk down US$1,999 for this behemoth, you probably has a commercial-size kitchen. Just kidding. You will want this in your outdoor kitchen.

Anyways… the Ñuke The Pizzero Wood-fired Pizza Oven features a ceramic insulated, dual-wall stainless that allow the oven to rapidly reach temperatures for searing toppings while sealing in the moisture of the dough to yield soft, yet char-blistered crust wood-fired pizzas are known for.

The heat-refracting ceramic cooking space measures 34 by 29 inches (about 86 x 74 cm) is large enough to accommodate pizzas up to 19 inches in diameter.

The oven further boasts a movable fire tray for ease of sliding heat source around the oven, an integrated 36-inch capped chimney for venting smoke, and each oven comes with a coal rake and shovel to manage the fire.

Outside of the wood-fired oven, it has an easy-to-assemble, durable steel cart with sleek hide-away wheels for moving stuff around the patio when desired.

Not going to lie. I have a thing for wood-fired pizzas and hence, when I see this in our inbox, I knew I have to share it with you folks.

The Ñuke The Pizzero Wood-fired Pizza Oven can be had for the US$1,999. Shipping anywhere in continental U.S. is included.

All images courtesy of Ñuke.

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