If, after reading the headline, you are asking what the hell are you doing with your life, well, you are not alone. I was asking myself the same. Why am still here furiously typing on an aging MacBook Pro on an aging Apple Wireless Keyboard and look an aging Apple Cinema Display for a paltry return instead of raising my hand in a cool ass manner to bid for something that cost hundreds of thousands. Alas, life doesn’t favor everyone like in the case of 17-year-old Carson Guo.

Supreme Skateboards Sold For $800000

Guo is only seventeen of age, but already, he became the owner of the world’s only complete collection of Supreme Skate Decks. And yes, this young chap actually shelled out an astronomical $800,000 for them at a recent Sotheby’s auction. The collection consists of 248 decks produced by Supreme from between 1998 and 2018. Technically, the skateboard decks are Louis Vuitton, but published by Supreme, New York, the brand that has its origin rooted in skateboard culture.

Supreme Skateboards Sold For $800000

The collection was offered by Los Angeles collector Ryan Fuller who spent the last 13 years collecting the decks. Now, you must be thinking “how the hell a kid could afford this obscene sum.” If you conclusion is, ‘he has a rich dad’, you are absolutely right. Carson’s dad is Guo Qing Xiang, the art curator to Dalian Wanda Group and the prolific boss/chairman Wang Jian Lin, AKA China’s richest person. Elder Guo is not just a procurer of exquisite art items for the company he work for and his boss; he himself is also an avid collector himself, and junior often discuss every purchase with the senior.

Supreme Skateboards Sold For $800000

So, Carson’s latest acquisition was green lit by the veteran himself. Well, you know what they say about it runs in the family. I mean, the part on an eye for art. Personally, I love skate deck designs (was a skateboarder in my younger days) and had dreamed of having a room with walls lined with beautiful skate decks. But you know how it turns out. I have none of those. Instead, I have a bunch of LEGO Star Wars UCS. That’s what happen if you have one too many interests.

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Anywho, the younger Guo planned to display the collection on the walls of a new creative shop that will open in Vancouver in 2020. Until then, we will just have to content with ogling at the photos. And yes, Guo promised that anyone will be able to view his collection displayed in the shop. Man. What’s the feeling like? I mean, How does it feel to be that rich? I guess I will never know. Even if I strike rich now, it won’t be the same feeling as this young art collector. If you are interested, you can learn more about Carson and his passion for arts in an interview article with CNA Luxury HERE.

Supreme Skateboards Sold For $800000

Images: Sotheby’s.

Source: CNA Luxury.

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