You can’t play on an arcade cabinet sitting down, unless the furniture is a bar stool. Even then, it is not a norm. One for sure is, you can’t sit on the Custom Arcade Sofa when playing games on an arcade machine. Still, it looks kind of cool. It is a piece of furniture that exemplifies your love for this 80s video game machine. The arcade sofa, as it is simply called, was the brainchild of Paris, France based design studio Harow.

Custom Arcade Sofa by Harow

Harow drew its inspiration from 90s arcade cabinet when arcade experienced a resurgence. However, I don’t see the differences between the 70-80s arcade cabinet and the 90s. What I see here is a dope sofa. That’s that. Each sofa is a custom piece handmade in Paris from recycled wood, steel and velvet, and it is totally customizable to your desired size, configuration, and design touches like the cushion color and the artwork. You can even have with glowing neon sign, apparently.

Custom Arcade Sofa by Harow

The images you see here are a few examples of the possible art on the cabinet. Though you can totally do without, but what’s an arcade cabinet without striking graphics, isn’t it? Harow is selling the Custom Arcade Sofa, but it is price on request. And you know what that means. It means, it is not going to be cheap. That’s not to mention shipping for this 50 kilograms (110 lbs) or so furniture is not going to be any easy on your wallet.

Images: Harow.

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Source: Geekologie.

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