Lenovo Z6 Pro Hinted To Tout 100MP Camera

Is this for real??? In a post on Weibo by Lenovo Group’s VP, Chang Cheng (Edward Chang), on the imminent arrival of the Lenovo Z6 Pro, it was accompanied with a teaser image that says 联想 Z6 Pro 亿级像素 along with the words “hyper video.” The latter was something already made known at the MWC 2019. What’s interesting is the former. 亿级像素 here translates to billion pixel which means 100 freaking Megapixel. Holy mother of… is it even possible?

Lenovo Z6 Pro Hinted To Tout 100MP Camera

Of course it is… on regular cameras, that is. Certainly not mobile phone that we know of. It is likely 100 MP will be achieved through software manipulation as our source have suggested. So, really, don’t hold your breath for it. Not even after Qualcomm has hinted that 64 and 100 MP cameras will be appearing this year. For those who don’t already know, yes, the SoC and its associated architecture we so love to talk about are the constraining technicality in how many pixels can a camera make, the maximum RAM it could use – among other things.

That said, I pretty sure 855 ain’t it. It got to be another flagship chip, IMHO. If that’s the case, the Lenovo Z6 Pro which is expected to be powered by the 7 nm process Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Mobile Platform would not be able to generate 100 MP images unless it is via pixel binning or something of sort. We are not familiar with Lenovo’s delivery of promises, but from what we heard, they are known to exaggerate things a little and so, we ought to take the teaser with a grain of salt. But hey, 100 MP or not, it is not going to change my life anyways.

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Images: Weibo (常程).

Source: Gizchina.