Cubepacks Packing Cubes and Bags Hybrid

Need to pack more into your suitcase? Well then, here’s a super interesting solution that you will want to know about called Cubepacks. Cubepacks are versatile compression packing cubes that lets you maximize suitcase space without having to pump your ass away like vacuum packs do. You may argue that but there are battery-powered vacuum pump for that. But let me ask this: can your transparent vacuum compression bags double as smaller bags when you head out on your adventure? I guess not. Cubepacks, on the other hand, totally can.

As a set, it helps you keep whatever things you are bringing on the trip organized and tidy. A set comprises of three cubes: large, medium and small. Each cube not only compresses your stuff, but it also offers additional carrying options when you reach your destination. Now, seriously, you can’t be carrying a transparent vacuum bag (it could be a fashion statement, though), or lugging your carry-on on the streets of Kathmandu, can you? The thing is, you need a “last mile” bag of sort and these cubes offer precisely that while serving as compression bags in between destinations.

Cubepacks Packing Cubes and Bags Hybrid

A large cube transforms into a backpack, while a medium and small cube turns into a shoulder pack (or crossbody bag, if you will) and a hip pack (basically fanny pack or waist bag), respectively. Seriously, it is not hard to see why we are enamored by the Cubepacks. I mean, Cubepacks basically kill two birds with one stone.

Cubepacks Packing Cubes and Bags Hybrid

Each Cube features a strip of breathable stretch mesh in the zip compression to allow for air flow and breathability. Other noteworthy details includes top carrying handle, a lightweight construction, reinforced seams, YKK zippers, dual zipper pulls, magnetic closure, front slide pocket, mesh pocket, daisy chain function, and a double layer base.

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If you are sold by the idea, then you may want to consider picking up a set as a pre-order on Kickstarter. Prices start at $89 for Cubepack Trio which includes one size of each Cube. You can go for the specific size only but that wouldn’t be as organized. Just saying… anyways, it is your decision to make. Check out the product pitch video to see Cubepacks in action.

All images courtesy of Revelar Workshop.

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